Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! 

These three featured films are amazing because of how unique and loving these couples were! I felt like I connected so much with them and I want to make sure they're videos get shared with the world! If you wish to see more videos, check out my youtube channel and/or IGTV page! 

Emma and Cody are not just high school sweethearts... They've been friends since elementary school! Growing up in Roseburg together, playing softball, and having sweet innocent crushes on one another. Who knew at such a young age that you would find your soulmate?! They became each other's firsts for everything: and will now forever be their one and only. Their wedding was filled with childhood memories of their first hug, first kiss, and how their parents helped them realize they were in love with one another. I have no doubt these two will become the most epic love story anyone's ever known. 

Lacey & Matt had the typical rainy Oregon day. Even though we all wished for the sun, we got gloomy overcast and slight drizzle. But despite the weather, this backyard wedding was transformed into a unique wedding venue that catered to Lacey and Matt's laid back boho vibes. Guests had pizza and beer, Lacey and Matt danced the night away and everyone got to send them off with a bubble exit! 

Megan and Josh have been inseparable since they met. They've helped each other with college, raised a dog together and have gone on countless Disney trips. Talk about a fun relationship! Their wedding really spoke to each other's characters on what kind of people they are. They cherish one another and really have that "best friend" type of love. I know their future is filled with much more Disney and dog hair. Congratulations again to these two! 



Portland, OR

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