Hello! My name is Alesia, pronounced like Uh-Lee-Shuh. I'm 23 years old, living in Portland, OR and I'm Filipino-American! 


How it All Began

Originally, videography was just a hobby of mine growing up! I was a competitive volleyball player and would be that person that would film our team during practices to show everyone how to improve (haha). Then, I graduated high school and took my first out of country trip to Italy! I started making travel vlogs for YouTube and fell in love with the creativity behind directing a shot, piecing together audio, and finding the perfect song to go with my film. I was having a blast doing that, until my mom, a fellow wedding photographer, asked me to make a wedding video for one of her couples. After spending an entire summer with my mom at her weddings, I absolutely fell in love with the industry. Knowing that one day, someone's grandkids are going to watch the wedding video I made, was all it took for me to say YES!!!

Fun Facts 

If I'm not traveling or filming a wedding...

You can find me hunting down waterfalls in Oregon, snuggling my cat, eating tacos, or watching episode reruns of the Office.  I'm also a huge Star Wars and Harry Potter nerd if you must know ;)


I know five songs on the ukelele, and I know how to hula. If you ask me to make you s' mores, I'll perfectly roast your marshmallow. I'm also a huge fan of the beach, surfing, and going to Buffalo Wild Wings for boneless Thursdays (LOL)!


I've currently been to Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Bali.

The places I would LOVE to go see and would offer discounted travel fees are: 

- Switzerland

- Portugal

- Canada (specifically, Banff National Park area!)

- Spain

- France

- New Zealand

- Iceland


Portland, OR

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