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Here, I have listed some of my favorite wedding videos, my favorite teasers, and my favorite "creative" edits when I do styled shoots! Every videographer has a different editing style and I believe in creating my films towards the story. The couple. The location. The family. The friends. I read the vibe and I try to capture that essence and bring it back to life through film. PLEASE ENJOY :)

Wedding Videos. 

"Mr. & Mrs. Gray" 


Emma and Cody are not just high school sweethearts... They've been friends since elementary school! Growing up in Roseburg together, playing softball, and having sweet innocent crushes on one another. Who knew at such a young age that you would find your soulmate?! They became each other's firsts for everything: and will now forever be their one and only. Their wedding was filled with childhood memories of their first hug, first kiss, and how their parents helped them realize they were in love with one another. I have no doubt these two will become the most epic love story anyone's ever known. 

Oregon Wedding Videographer

"We Did Everything Backwards"


This wedding was special for so many reasons... from having their baby just a few months prior, moving into their new home THAT WEEK, and having so many fun and unique things on the day of such as having petal canons go off as they walked back down the aisle, Kennah arriving at the ceremony in an old Mercedes, to a black and white candlelit dinner setting. This wedding was one for the books and I'm truly overjoyed to have been the one to document it! Congrats again to Mr. and Mrs. Loper!

Oregon Wedding Videographer

"4:46 AM"


Anna & Gio's sunrise elopement at Tamanawas Falls in Mt. Hood, OR was absolutely breathtaking! I was lucky enough to have a couple that trusted my vision and allowed me to try some new things with their video. Essentially, I wanted people to hear and see what it feels like to get up THIS EARLY to start getting ready for not only a wedding day but a hike to a waterfall. Everyone was tired and hungover and yet, the family banter and smiles were evident. This was also my first try at incorporating a nostalgic super 8 film to achieve that "family home video vibe" while also making it professional and bringing in my Alesia Films editing style. I hope everyone enjoys this video because I love these guys so much and they've completely made me rethink how I want to run my business and make future videos! 

Wedding Teasers.

Falk Estate Vineyards Canyonville Oregon Wedding

Styled Shoots.

Oregon Winery Wedding



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